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THAWKIT™ CLEAVE - Global FIV - Filial de GlobalMed Group - CREANDO LA DIFERENCIA


Reference: 10167. 3 x 10 mL.

The new generation of slow freezing – optimised composition, convenient protocol and high survival rate

Outstanding results:

Two independent studies show that survival of pronuclear stage oocytes and cleavage stage embryos is significantly improved using FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave.

Significantly higher blastocyst survival:

GraphTwo clinics in Sweden made a pre-clinical, randomised comparison of FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave with an existing commercial product for freezing of cleavage-stage embryos.

The primary endpoint was blastomere survival rate. A statistically significant difference in blastomere survival was seen between the two methods.

Significantly better survival rate:

At Westmead Fertility Center Australia, clinical use of FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave resulted in improved survival. A retrospective analysis on 1497 embryos from 377 patients showed significantly better survival rate for both 2PN- and cleavage-stage embryos.

Safe to use for previously frozen material:

Survival of cleavage-stage embryos frozen with our older product, FREEZE-KIT 1, and thawed with the new ThawKit Cleave was 73%. This demonstrates the safety of the new procedure on previously frozen material.

Purpose: For thawing of frozen pronuclear oocytes and cleavage stage embryos
Description: MOPS buffered media
Application: For use in sequence after equilibration at room temperature and ambient atmosphere
Storage: Store dark at +2 to +8ºC