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THAW-KIT1™ - Global FIV - Filial de GlobalMed Group - CREANDO LA DIFERENCIA


Reference: 10067. 4 x 10mL.
Solutions for thawing of cleavage-stage embryos.
Proven composition:
FREEZE-KIT-1™ and THAW-KIT- 1™ are designed for freezing and thawing of cleavage stage embryos. The composition was originally formulated by Lasalle and Testart in 1980´s and includes 1,2-propanediol as permeating cryoprotectant. Sucrose is used as the non-permeating cryoprotectant. Over the years thousands of children have been born after freezing of embryos according to the Lasalle - Testart protocol.
- 1 x 10 mL Embryo Thawing Solution 1 (ETS 1).
- 1 x 10 mL Embryo Thawing Solution 2 (ETS 2).
- 1 x 10 mL Embryo Thawing Solution 3 (ETS 3).
- 1 x 10 mL Cryo-PBS.
Purpose For thawing of cleavage-stage embryos.
Description Physiological salt buffer containing Human Serum Albumin.
Application For use after pre-equilibration at +20 ± 5ºC. 
Storage Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.