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SPERMGRAD™ 30mL - Global FIV - Filial de GlobalMed Group - CREANDO LA DIFERENCIA


Reference: 10102. 30mL.

Efficient separation for increased progressive motility

Progressive motility correlates to pregnancy rates:

The goal for sperm separation is to select the sperm cells with the highest capacity of fertilising an oocyte. High quality sperm show progressive motility, which in clinical studies has been shown to correlate to pregnancy rates.


Clinical evaluation showed increased progressive motility:

To investigate the quality of spermatozoa separated with SpermGrad, a clinical evaluation has been performed.The aim was to compare motility of the prepared samples. Semen from 20 patients was included. The samples used for the comparison included severe male factor samples (<5 million/mL initial concentration with motility as low as 10%), as well as normal semen samples.


The data showed that sperm separated using SpermGrad gave a higher proportion of progressively motile sperm in the sample, compared to a leading brand. This means that SpermGrad facilitates a better separation where a larger proportion of dead and degenerating spermatozoa have been removed.



For gradient sperm separation.


Bicarbonate and HEPES buffered medium containing silane-coated, colloid silica particles.


The stock solution is to be used after dilution with either G-IVF™ supplemented with G-MM™ or HSA-solution™, or with SpermRinse™ .


Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.