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G-IVF™ PLUS - Global FIV - Filial de GlobalMed Group - CREANDO LA DIFERENCIA


Reference: 10136. 60mL.
Fertilisation medium containing all components necessary to support oocyte and sperm function during fertilisation. 
Optimised for fertilization:
G-IVF PLUS is optimised for fertilisation and to maintain gamete functionality. G-IVF PLUS contains glucose and fructose to support both cumulus cells and sperm functionality. Let the sperm begin its journey with the G-Series™ in G-IVF PLUS. The same medium can be used for all sperm preparation procedures including dilution of gradient solutions, washing, sperm counts and final dilution of the sperm fraction for fertilisation. G-IVF PLUS also contains human serum albumin.
Higher treatment efficacy:
The study below shows that G-IVF used for fertilisation in conjunction with G-1™ and G-2™ give higher treatment efficacy when compared to traditional fertilisation media. 


Medium for preparation and handling of gametes and for in vitro fertilisation.


Bicarbonate buffered medium containing human serum albumin.


For use after pre-equilibration at +37ºC and 6 % CO2.


Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.