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G-2™ PLUS - Global FIV - Filial de GlobalMed Group - CREANDO LA DIFERENCIA


Reference: 10132. 30mL. 
G-2 PLUS provides the embryo with a wide range of amino acids and hyaluronan for optimised blastocyst development.
Appropriate nutrients to protect and support:
G-2 PLUS is a medium for culture of human embryos from the 8-cell stage on day three until the blastocyst stage. The medium contains amino acids to support embryo viability and hyaluronan to improve development and cryosurvivability and to facilitate implantation. G-2 PLUS also contains vitamins that function as antioxidants to protect the embryo against reactive oxygen species during culture in vitro.G-2 PLUS is supplemented with human serum albumin, HSA, and is ready to use.
Carefully developed formulation:
The formulation of G-2 PLUS is the result of development that was first reported in the 1998 landmark article by Gardner and co-workers, were they showed that culture of human blastocysts was feasible and blastocysts had higher implantation potential than cleavage stage embryos.


Medium for culture of embryos from day 3 to the blastocyst stage.


Bicarbonate buffered medium containing hyaluronan and human serum albumin.


For use after pre-equilibration at +37ºC and 6 % CO2.


Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.